FREE 30-day trial with NO credit card 30-day full-feature trial with NO credit card required for signup.
Complimentary consult Setup personal demo of the platform and discuss your needs.
Monthly Billing Month-to-month billing with NO contracts.
Ad-free streaming NO ads inserted into your broadcasts.
Overage-free costs NO overages for live streaming or VOD replay storage.
Unlimited live streaming * Stream unlimited number of broadcasts with up to 500 viewers per broadcast (most churches never come close).
Auto archiving with unlimited VOD replay storage Record live stream broadcasts as VOD replays and even distribute to other platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.
Integration with Facebook Live, YouTube, and more! Connect with Facebook (live streams/VOD replays), YouTube (live streams/VOD replays), Vimeo (VOD replays), and Amazon (storage)
Integration with mobile apps Embed live streaming and VOD replays inside apps from The Church App, Custom Church Apps, and other mobile app platforms.
Integration with Church Online Platform Embed live streaming and VOD replays on landing pages from
Church Online Platform.
Stream with custom ChurchStreamer device Easiest way to stream! Bypass a traditional live streaming setup by connecting this device directly to your camera, setup an automated schedule without intervention, and start streaming. Ask us how!
Stream with Mac, PC, or Linux software encoders Popular options include Wirecast, Adobe, OBS, and more!
Stream with hardware encoders Popular options include Teradek, Matrox Monarch, and more!
Podcast audio extraction Automatically extract audio from live stream broadcasts and VOD replays to offer iTunes podcasts to your audience.
Online trimming of VOD replays Perfect for trimming down to the sermon and works great with podcast audio extraction. No need to re-upload edited files!
Offline video loops Loop through a 30-second video clip whenever your live stream is offline to build engagement with your audience.
Pre-live and Post-live video loops Play a 30-second video clip before your live stream starts or after it ends. Perfect for welcomes, announcements, and online giving!
Apple TV custom channel Offer live streaming and VOD replays in your own custom Apple TV channel (one-time $399 setup fee).
FREE Roku custom channel Offer live streaming and VOD replays in your own FREE custom Roku channel.
Adaptive bit rate streaming Deliver your broadcast in multiple qualities (high/low/mobile) to automatically "adapt" to the internet speed of your viewer.
Simulated live streaming of VOD replays Setup an automated live streaming schedule in the event of special broadcasts, weather conditions, or whatever your planning requires!
DVR playback Perfect for individual or multi-campus viewing to pause and rewind live stream broadcasts. Works just like your DVR at home!
Embedding for websites and apps Full control over embedding your live stream and VOD replays.
Live countdown timer Provide a countdown timer to your next live stream broadcast.
View from different devices Watch live streaming and VOD replays on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, desktops, smart TVs, set-top boxes, and more!
Viewer statistics Review viewer analytics on live stream broadcasts and VOD replays with geo mapping, device categories, and even an auto-generated email report sent after a live broadcast ends!
Password protection Keep your broadcast private with a custom password you choose.
RSS feeds Access to video and audio RSS feeds of your broadcasts.
* Custom plans Churches with 500+ broadcast viewers can contact us.